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GPU top hinged roof window



The GPU roof window lets you expand or transform upstairs space such as attics, above-garage bonus rooms and loft areas into beautiful living areas filled with daylight, outdoor views and fresh air. Designed to be installed within reach, the GPU roof window opens to provide maximum ventilation.Green friendly

Modern skylights offer all the dependability, features and accessories available with vertical windows and in some cases more, for adjusting and controlling light, ventilation, and solar heat gain or loss. 

  • Timber core with moulded white polyurethane finish.
  • Opens to a 45° angle to satisfy egress requirements for emergency escape (check local building code).
  • Window rotates 180° and locks in place for easy cleaning of outer pane.
  • Ventilation flap opens for limited ventilation.
  • Optional insect screen available.
  • Convenient handle at the bottom of the window.

Bottom latch   Bottom latch
Comfortable to operate and easy to access.

  Ventilation flap
Our unique ventilation flap keeps dust and insects out while letting fresh air in.
Energy star   ENERGY STAR® 
The GPL roof window meets ENERGY STAR approval guidelines for energy efficiency in most climatic regions of Canada.
  velux   Uninterrupted view 
Experience a clear view with the top-hung GPL’s 45° opening angle.

Product details

The GPU roof window meets ENERGY STAR approval guidelines for energy efficiency in most climatic regions of Canada.
Emergency escape solution
The GPU top-hinged roof window opens to a 45° angle to provide ample ventilation and to satisfy egress requirements for emergency escape.

Easy cleaning
On the GPU roof window, the top sash rotates completely inward so that the glass can be easily cleaned from inside the room.

Convenient ventilation
When the GPU roof window is closed, a ventilation flap can be opened to provide a breath of fresh air ― even if it is raining outside.

Energy efficient glass for added safety and energy efficiency
The GPU roof window comes with laminated insulated glass only.
Sunscreening options for optimal light control
The GPU roof window is compatible with several manual sunscreening accessories including:
    * Blackout blind - Complete light blocking
    * Venetian blind - Accurate glare and light control
    * Roller blind – Light diffusion
    * Exterior awning charcoal net cloth – Reduces heat gain and glare
Optional insect screen
An optional insect screen is available.

Flashing options for a weathertight installation
A complete line of flashing systems help ensure a weathertight installation for your GPU roof window on most types of roofs:
    * Shingles and shakes
    * High profile roofing
Installation slope
The GPU roof window installs on roofs with slopes between 18.5° (4:12) and 55° (17:12).

Warranties you can trust
We stand behind our products with a promise of lasting service. Our warranty covers 20 years on insulated glass seal and 10 years on the skylight. For details, see our full Warranty.
Quality construction
The GPU roof window has a timber core with a moulded white polyurethane finish, and aluminum exterior cladding.

Streamlined exterior
The smooth, low-profile of the GPU roof window does not obstruct your roofline.
Available sizes
The GPU roof window comes in five different sizes.  For details on these sizes, please download a copy of our roof window sizes and pricing from the top of the page.  Due to local sales tax, transportation and delivery costs that may vary, please consult your local VELUX dealer for pricing.