Is installation of VELUX roof windows possible at any roof pitch?
Yes, installation of VELUX roof windows is possible for roof pitches between 15° and 55°, or up to 65°-90° (depending on type of roof window) with the use of special springs.
Can I operate a VELUX roof window electrically?
Yes. VELUX has introduced the first complete electrical all-in-one roof window – INTEGRA. The window comes with a complete electrical system for easy and fast installation.
If you already have the roof window installed, you can still install the necessary components (window opener, control unit, infrared receiver) to have you window electrically operated. 

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Can I install a VELUX roller shutter myself?
No. A VELUX roller shutter is a product which we recommend is installed by a professional installer or by VELUX Service .

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Does the VELUX lining fit with older generations of roof windows?
Yes, all VELUX roof windows with a control bar - except window sizes 102, 104, 206, and 5.
Can I install a VELUX roof window myself?
No. A VELUX roof window is a product which we recommend is installed by a professional installer. Working with roof construction is a job for a skilled carpenter, not a do-it-yourself job. 
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Is installation the same regardless of the roofing material?
No, you have to be aware of the different kinds of roof materials.
Can I install a VELUX blind myself?
Yes. VELUX blinds are all designed to fit VELUX roof windows and can be installed in a matter of few minutes. The pre-fitted installation brackets in your window will help in this situation.
You can also choose to let VELUX Service help you install your blinds during a service visit. This is done at a fixed price regardless of where you live.
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How do I measure my roof pitch?
The most accurate method is by using a pitch-gauge placed on the roof itself. This gives an accurate reading of the degree of roof slope (a pitch-gauge can be purchased at local building supply stores). The alternative is to measure the rise over the run.
Will the new ZZZ 213 trim kit be white to match the skylight?
Does the ZZZ 199 accessory tray have any flexibility for larger or smaller curbs?
We were able to install an AT on a Texas size curb (22” x 46”) by stopping the sheetrock groove at a predetermined height and removing the white TPE gasket from the tray. So there is minimal flexibility if you’re willing to get a little creative.