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Products - flashing systems

What spacings are available for COMBI-FLASHING®?

For skylights, COMBI-FLASHING is available for side-to-side spacings of 2 1/2" (minimum) to 12" (maximum), in 1/2 inch increments. Over and under spacings must be 4" from wood frame to wood frame.

For roof windows however, the frame to frame spacing is only available in 4" dimensions for both side to side and over-under. Please contact us for further details.

How many skylights can be installed with one roll of ZOZ 216 VELUX adhesive underlayment?

This depends on the size of the skylights being installed. A roll of ZOZ 216 adhesive underlayment is 21 feet long and 9 inches wide.

Why is roof pitch important for skylight installations?
Each of our flashing kits are engineered with specific pitch requirements. The roof pitch is important because it ensures that the roof has the proper slope to effectively drain water off of both the flashing and the skylight. The roof pitch and the roofing material used are both important in determining the type of flashing needed.
Can VELUX skylights, roof windows or sun tunnels leak?

VELUX roof windows and skylights use flashing kits that are specific to their roof pitch and roofing material requirements. Provided the proper VELUX flashing system is used and installed correctly, we will stand behind the product against leaks. The unique construction of VELUX flashings ensures safe drainage of rainwater coming from the roof above the window, providing complete weathertightness and preventing leakage. Because the roofing material covers both top and sides, VELUX flashings are largely unobtrusive.

VELUX flashings are compatible with virtually any type of roofing material, from standard covers such as shingles, slate, and tile to corrugated sheeting or even thatch.

VELUX undertakes extensive testing to ensure that all products perform to the very highest standards. Flashings are put through some of the world's most severe artificial rain and wind tests.

What flashing should I use with the FCM skylight?
The step flashing systems (ECL) is used with FCM curb mounted skylights on shingle/shake roofs. The tile flashing system (ECW) is used with FCM curb mounted skylights on tile roofs. Custom flashing solutions should be used for other roofing materials.
What flashing do I use to group skylights together?

VELUX COMBI-FLASHING® is engineered for this purpose. However, the pitch of the roof must be 14° (3:12) or greater. EKL COMBI-FLASHING is designed for thinner roofing materials (shingles, shakes), and EKW COMBI-FLASHING is for higher profile materials (Spanish tile). Please contact us for more information.