Products - general

Where can I find specifications on your products?
In the CAD drawings and specifications section of our site.
Does the International Code Council (formerly BOCA, ICBO and SBCCI) list evaluation reports for VELUX skylights?
No, VELUX skylights are certified and labeled in accordance with the International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Many states have building codes which adopt vast parts of the international model codes (California, Florida, North Carolina, etc.). VELUX skylights are certified for structural integrity, durability, and performance by an independent third party certification agency, WDMA Hallmark.

Several VELUX skylights and SUN TUNNELS are also covered in evaluation reports developed by Architectural Testing Inc. - Evaluation Services, called Code Compliance Research Reports (CCRR).
Are your skylights available in special colors?
No, the neutral grey color used by VELUX in the corner keys and on all our aluminum cladding, which has an extremely durable Kynar 500 paint finish, is designed to blend well with most roof materials.