Sara Davis

Tasha Agruso

“Adding skylights has changed the room more than I ever imagined,” Sara said. “It doesn’t even look like the same space.”

Watch the video to see how partnering with VELUX Skylights helped Sara and Steven transform the space into a light-filled family hangout. Working with VELUX 5-Start Skylight Specialist, Circle City Skylights, the couple decided to add four VELUX No Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights to the north-facing wall with a bench seat under one pair of skylights and a set of built-in shelves under the other pair.
The blogger behind Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body shows how blue can be a neutral onto which to layer pattern and texture. She partnered with VELUX to add three skylights to her master bedroom suite, which not only significantly brightens the space, but also complements her décor by adding a sky view above.

Brendan and Nicole McGlinch

Sarah Armstrong

When Brendan and Nicole McGlinch decided to build their forever home, they knew they wanted it filled with natural light. Their open plan design connects the kitchen with the family room and a row of four VELUX No Leak Electric “Fresh Air” Skylights extend across the roof ridge, resulting in natural light throughout the kitchen. Watch to see how their daylighting plan truly makes the kitchen the heart of their home.
Architect Sarah Armstrong loves the art and craft of architecture. When a client asked her to create a four-season, screened-in porch that would look like it was part of the original house, she got to work taking a cue from the home’s craftsman style for details in the porch. She used three VELUX fixed skylights to bring light into the porch itself, as well as to the living room and kitchen. The skylights also provide a sky view from a hammock hanging in the porch and are framed into the tongue-and-groove ceiling in such a way that the focus is the sky instead of the skylight frame.

Dawn Zuber

Dominique Lobjois

Architect Dawn Zuber of Studio Z Architecture talks about how she used skylights to transform a small, dark kitchen of a Colonial-style home in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The original kitchen had only one window, making it hard for the homeowner – a food columnist – to photograph her culinary creations. Zuber expanded the space, added VELUX skylights for soft, natural light throughout the day and connected the kitchen with a new family room that was added onto the back of the house.
Architect Dominique Lobjois of De Bilt Homes uses VELUX skylights to create air flow in the homes she designs. Air movement and natural light are essential to creating a retreat from everyday life. In the modern farmhouse profiled in this video, she placed the skylight at the top of the stairwell. When it’s open along with a window below, a soft breeze wafts through the house, making air conditioning unnecessary. Natural light from the skylight also creates a design feature in the stairwell: it brings out the texture of the sisal-covered steps and the wood grain of cedar plank wall.