VELUX sun tunnels for pitched roofs

Technical details


The VELUX TWF/TLF flexi-tunnels and TWR/TLR rigid tunnels are designed to provide daylight into areas of the house such as corridors, stairwells, bathrooms, cupboards, etc where installation of a VELUX roof window is not possible.

Roof pitch

Between 15 and 60 degrees


10 year guarantee


Both systems incorporate a flat glass rooflight with *clear and clean coating and integrated flashing, a flexi or rigid tunnel, and a white trimmed double glazed acrylic ceiling diffuser.

The flexi-tunnel has a tube which is designed for relatively short distances (0.4m-1.5m) between the roof and ceiling. It can be used where installations around obstacles within the roof space is required.

The rigid tunnel should be specified for lengths between 0.9m and 1.8m. For greater lengths up to 6m the rigid tunnel should also be specified in combination with ZTR extension sections which ensure adequate daylight levels are obtained.

It is supplied with 2 x 30° bends.

*Clear and clean coating reduces the frequency of cleaning the rooflight



Frame/flashing – Black moulded polyurethane

Sash – Black plastic:

Pane – 4mm toughened glass with *clear and clean coating


14" 2m x 355mm diameter metalized polyester

Rigid tunnel:

  • 10" 2m x 243mm diameter aluminium with highly reflective inner surface
  • 14" 2m x 355mm diameter aluminium with highly reflective inner surface
Ceiling diffuser:

Sealed double glazed acrylic

Ceiling trim:

White plastic

Accessories recommended by VELUX

Additional ceiling trim effects for Sun tunnels (ZTB):

  • Brushed aluminium effect
  • Brass effect
  • Mahogany effect

Rigid extension tunnel (ZTR)

Ventilation outlet (ZTV)

Light kit (ZTL)

Diffuser pane (ZTC)

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Blackout blind

Size chart

Cross section

(Tile roofs)

Cross section

(Tile roofs)