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Hallway ideas - A whole new home

A whole new home

A group of VELUX skylights opens up this multi-level space and creates fantastic light effects. Light cascades down through the stairwell, turning an ordinary, functional area into a showpiece.

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Hallway ideas - Bright, clean and beautiful

Bright, clean and beautiful

Laundry rooms tend to be dark and often lit with artificial light. Why not brighten up the cleanest room in your house with some VELUX SUN TUNNEL Skylights? A pair of these highly efficient "tunnels" can flood this space with light, even on the cloudiest days.

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Hallway ideas - Natural light where you never thought it possible

Natural light where you never thought it possible

VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights make it possible to bring natural light to areas where traditional skylights are not an option. Even on a cloudy day, our cost-effective ‘tunnels’ provide just as much light as a conventional 60 watt bulb.

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Hallway ideas - Welcoming in daylight

Welcoming in daylight

A VELUX fixed skylight is a great way to add a new dimension to any area under a flat roof. This hallway in the middle of the home is now a brighter, more inviting space, basking in all the benefits of natural light.

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Hallway ideas - Brightening up those darker spaces

Brightening up those darker spaces

Interior spaces such as entryways and hallways are often dark and unwelcoming without access to natural light – or the possibility of skylights. But with our innovative VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights, you can add enough daylight to turn these mundane areas into something extraordinary.