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Living room ideas - Brighten your day

Brighten your day

A set of three Solar Powered "Fresh Air" skylights opens up this expansive living room and adds new life to the space. The skylights can even be opened and closed while you are relaxing on the sofa – thanks to our KLR 200 control pad, which also lets you easily adjust all your interior and exterior VELUX accessories.​

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Living room ideas - Double your light – and your view

Double your light – and your view

To achieve a great view and even more daylight in your living room, install skylights in pairs or triplets. VELUX skylights can be opened and closed with the KLR 200 touchscreen control pad to provide the ultimate comfort and convenience. And to keep temperatures comfortable on warm, sunny days, you can install VELUX light filtering blinds as well.

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Living room ideas - Bask in the glow

Bask in the glow

All it takes is a couple skylights placed high on your ceiling to soothe the environment of a room. When you're ready for relaxation, simply allow the fresh air and daylight to envelope you, and let the healing powers of nature rejuvenate your soul. 

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Living room ideas - Comfort and convenience

Comfort and convenience

A series of skylights placed high up in this soaring ceiling brightens up the space and brings daylight to every corner of the room. VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" skylights were the perfect choice for this out-of-reach location because they can be opened and closed with the touchscreen control pad. And, thanks to a unique rain sensor, the windows will close automatically in the event of rain.

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Living room ideas - A sense of space

A sense of space

Skylights conveniently placed on a large ceiling will obviously bring added light, but they can also make the space appear bigger and more inviting. VELUX skylights come in a variety of sizes to fit any application or room.

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Living room ideas - Make use of any  corner of your home

Make use of any corner of your home

That dusty spot above the garage or dark room off the side of the house can be easily transformed into a beautiful living space with the addition of VELUX skylights and blinds. And with the added benefit of fresh air, the space can be a healthy one too!