Modular Skylights designed for north-facing roofs

VELUX northlights are bands of Modular Skylights that are raised to allow sunlight to reach into the rooms below. The characteristic upright design is primarily targeted installations that are directed towards the northern

hemisphere for soft and reflected lighting. Northlights are ideal for galleries and museums as well as schools, offices and industrial facilities, where direct glare is unwanted.

Sleek exterior profile


Let the light in

Ice rink in Lantriac, France. 

60 modules, fixed and venting, of 675 x 1800 mm.

Sågbäck Gymnasiet, Stockholm, Sweden.

104 modular skylights has rejuvenated a classic 1960s vocational school.

Multifunctional activity building in Steenbergen, the Netherlands. 

Reception area illuminated in soft and reflected lighting.

Multifunctional activity building in Steenbergen, the Netherlands. 

Sport and leisure in daylight. Yet not risk of direct glare.

Northlight features

The galvanized steel bracket system for fastening the module on standard steel profiles ensures a precise and easy installation
The design permits installations up to 90° pitch, using fixed as well as venting skylights
The prefabricated flashing ensures a 100% waterproof installation and seamless integration between roof material and skylights

The benefits of Dynamic Dome Skylights

Faster and more flexible installation

VELUX Northlight