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Why skylights in your small spaces (closets, laundry room, hallways, etc)?

Sunlight is a powerful tool in controlling our health and well-being, while also helping to decrease our dependency on electricity, which means even the smallest, most isolated space in your home should be filled with pure, natural light. But how do you add natural light to a room that cannot fit a traditional window or skylight? As a small cylinder tunnel, VELUX Sun Tunnel® skylights fit in between your beams to pass brilliant sunlight from your roof to your ceiling uninhibited. Where a window won't fit, a Sun Tunnel® will!

Space Saver

Natural light should be plentiful in your home, and the VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylight can let light shine even when space is limited.

Economically Friendly

Because Sun Tunnel® Skylights are smaller and easier to install, they can save you money on your project, as well as money on your electric bill.

Light Anytime

Pair a Sun Tunnel® with a VELUX Solar Night Light to make sure your space is always illuminated no matter the weather or time of day.

Ambient Light

VELUX Sun Tunnel® transmit a pure, natural light glow as it captures available daylight in its highly reflective cylinder-shaped tunnel.

Most popular skylight for small spaces

VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylight

The VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylight is one of our most versatile design, allowing easier installation in spaces with limited space or more ceiling obstructions. Our customers have chosen a VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylight to install in their hallways, stairways, laundry rooms, and closets.

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Most asked questions

What exactly is a Sun Tunnel®?

This type of skylight differs from a more traditional skylight in both its look and functionality. A Sun Tunnel® is designed as a cylinder-shaped tunnel that stretches from the outside of your roof to the top of your ceiling. Daylight is captured in the highly reflection tunnel and transmitted as diffused light in your space.

What should I pick, Sun Tunnel® or a traditional skylight?

We do love options! What's important is that both a VELUX Sun Tunnel® and a VELUX Skylight provide your home with bright, natural light. But there are differences. A traditional skylight is great if you're wanting a window to the outside world, as its clear glass pane opens to sky views. Sun Tunnel® Skylights are a great option if you're looking to bring in natural light to smaller areas that may have limited ceiling space.

Can I change the look of my Sun Tunnel®?

Yes, we offer decorative diffusers to change the look and type of light diffusion for your Sun Tunnel®l. Check them out here! 

My hallway gets really dark at night and during cloudy days, can my Sun Tunnel® help fix that?

Yes! Pair your VELUX Sun Tunnel® with the VELUX Solar Night Light (coming soon) to give your space a soft, diffused glow when natural light isn't available.

Where should I put my Sun Tunnel®?

Knowing where to install your Sun Tunnel® has it challenges and depend on certain elements of your home. We know this, which is why we've partnered with certified VELUX skylight professionals who will survey your home and offer you their advice on the best spot for your Sun Tunnel®. Find an installer in your area, today.  

What warranties are offered?

As the world leader in roof windows and skylights, we stand behind our products with an industry-leading warranty; it's been a commitment we've kept for over 75 years. Here's our complete warranty guide.