DSV Headquarters, Denmark

A quick installation allows for faster completion

Speed made a difference

The design of the new headquarters of the Danish transport and logistics company, DSV, focuses on sustainability as well as creating a high level of indoor comfort. Over 900 m2 of skylights were included into the project to create an impressive atrium in the centre of the building.

The main contractor for the building was HS Hansen A/S, and they chose to partner with the VELUX Group for the atrium. The VELUX Modular Skylights system was able to guarantee the exact amount of daylight and ventilation that DSV were looking for in their new headquarters – but it also gave an element of speed, which was vital to the project.

“We wanted to find a partner that could seal off the building quickly, and even though the planning prior to the installation of the 420 VELUX Modular Skylights took more than four months, the atrium was installed in just 15 working days”, says John Hansen, project leader at HS Hansen A/S. Sealing off the building quickly protects the inside from the elements and allows the builders to continue working – even in inclement weather.

How did we do it?


Installation is based on predefined dimensional measures. When these are applied to the sub-construction, installation becomes a routine procedure.


All building components are delivered on marked pallets. Numbers and letters show in which order pallets are to be used and help streamline the construction site.


The use of pre-fabricated components makes the installation process fast and easy. Each module is literally attached in minutes.

John Wulff, Project Leader, HS Hansen A/S
DSV Headquarters, Denmark

"The atrium was installed in just 15 working days"

John Wulff, Project Leader, HS Hansen A/S

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