Our Warranty

For over 75 years VELUX has been dedicated to producing skylights that are synonymous with quality and reliability. Our commitment to you does not end once your skylight has been installed.

As the world leader in skylights and roof windows, we stand behind our products with a promise of lasting service and quality. That is a promise we have kept for 75 years world wide, and we are pleased to extend our promise to you.

If you think that all skylights leak, it's time to think again. VELUX® skylights do not leak. Proven in installations and climates throughout the world, our exclusive flashing systems will keep you dry and comfortable.

This limited warranty does not apply to VELUX products manufactured prior to January 1, 2010.

Please contact VELUX for warranty information for product manufactured prior to 2010.  

VELUX Skylights & Roof Windows

20 Years: Parts on seal failure (moisture between glass panes).

10 Years: Parts for defective skylights, roof windows and flashings.

10 Years: Laminated glass with Neat coating and triple pane products on cracking or breakage due to hail.

VELUX Sun Tunnels

10 Years: Parts (corrosion and deterioration)

VELUX Electrical Systems & Sunscreening Accessories

5 Years: Parts for electrical systems and sunscreening accessories

VELUX Commercial Program
5 YEARS: For defective parts on commercial skylights
5 YEARS & 10 YEARS: VELUX warrants to the end-user that the yellowness index on clear acrylic and polycarbonate skylight domes shall be less than 4.0 for a period of (5) five years from the date of purchase and less than 10.0 for a period of (10) ten years from the date of purchase
15 YEARS: Polycarbonate Skylights (Models CD-, CE-, CT-, CG-, CH- and CJ-) will be free from defects in material workmanship including cracking
15 YEARS: Polycarbonate Skylights (Models CD-, CE-, CT-, CG-, CH- and CJ-) will be warranted for cracking due to hail damage
15 YEARS: Acrylic and Polycarbonate Skylights (Models CD-, CT-, and CH-) will be free from defects of the aluminum metal frame

We believe the best guarantee is the one you never have to use, therefore, we build quality into every product. We do offer the VELUX 20/10/5 years limited product warranty for specific product coverage issues. If you have concerns about your VELUX products that may require a warranty claim, the warranty brochure includes specific steps for you to follow that will help VELUX better assist you.


Determining the suitability and compliance with local or other applicable building codes or standards, of all building components, including the use of any VELUX products, and the design and installation of any flashing, is the responsibility of the buyer, user, architect, contractor, installer, and/or other construction professional. VELUX will not be liable for any problem or damage relating to inappropriate or faulty building design or construction, maintenance, installation, or selection of products. Skylights, Roof Windows and Sun Tunnels  are only one element of a structure; VELUX does not warrant that third party certification of a building or project to any specific standard will be achieved through the use of any VELUX product. 

Contact VELUX to discuss the best suited skylight for your application at 1 800-888-3589.

Download our VELUX Warranty (PDF) or call us toll-free at 1-800-88-VELUX for a printed copy.