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Why is daylight and fresh air important for your bathroom?

Unlike other rooms in our homes, our bathrooms tend to be our most private spaces, where we depend more on artificial light than we do windows to light our way. But what if we could add natural light to our bathroom without sacrificing privacy? As a window on your roof, skylights bathe your bathroom with the uninhibited natural, bright light from above, keeping your bathroom’s privacy down below.


Your skylight is positioned to look upwards and outwards, keeping your bathroom's privacy safe down below.


Eliminate the steam and condensation in your bathroom with fresh air skylights instead of relying on bathroom fans

Lower Electric Bill

Turn off the artificial lights you have in your bathroom and soak up the free natural light from above instead.

Complimentary Design

Instead of the harsh overhead light, your skylight pulls in clean light that enhances the design in your space.

Most popular skylight for a bathroom

VELUX Fresh Air Skylight

When you pair natural light with fresh air, you open your bathroom to a world of crisper, clean air and brighter days. Our customers have chosen the VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight as the most popular skylight choice to install in a bathroom because of all the benefits it provides to a space.

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Most asked questions

Why is natural light in our bathroom better than artificial light?

We often hear that it's better to get ready in natural light. But why? Natural light comes in as an evenly diffused, white light as compared to artificial light that gives off a yellow-tinted color.

Why do bathrooms need ventilation?

One of the biggest reasons why bathrooms need ventilation is to remove the moisture that builds up in the space during a shower. Reducing the humidity is key in eliminating the havoc water can cause to your bathroom walls and the accumulation of mold. Additionally, ventilation helps draw out stale odor that oftentimes lingers around in our bathroom.

Aren't bathroom fans required by building codes?

In most municipalities' building codes, there is not a hard line on requiring bathroom exhaust fans. Although ventilation in bathrooms is required, it can be from either an opening window or a fan.

Should I be worried about condensation in my bathroom?

Condensation is a moisture problem caused by excessive water trapped in a room. Most people believe skylights contribute to condensation issues because you see the mist appear on the window pane, but skylights actually help eliminate condensation. By opening your fresh air skylight, you allow the moist, warm air to flow out of the room.

How do VELUX skylights prevent condensation from forming?

Our skylights are designed with several layers of protection that fight against condensation.

  • They open: releasing warm, moist air
  • Insulated: the wood sash and frame used in the skylight is an excellent natural insulator unlike metal or vinyl.
  • Energy efficient glass: VELUX skylights are available with Low-E insulated glass. Low-E keeps the interior glass pane warmer, lessening the chance of condensation forming.
  • Gasket system: should condensation occur, VELUX skylights are equipped with exclusive gasket system that drains condensation from the outside.

My bathroom space is too small to install a skylight, do I have options?

When ceiling space is limited in a bathroom you still have options! Instead of a traditional skylight, a SUN TUNNEL® Skylight can go in your space. It brings in all the benefits of natural light without taking up too much room. Learn more about VELUX SUN TUNNEL® Skylights.

I heard skylights leak, is that true?

When skylights first came out, they were prone to leaks which gave them a pretty bad name. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, VELUX manufactures skylights with a three-layer water protection that prevents any leaks. Plus, we added an installation warranty to all products installed with our skylight flashing system because we believe in our No Leak Promise. Learn more about our warranties and No Leak Promise.

What warranties are offered?

As the world leader in roof windows and skylights, we stand behind our products with an industry-leading warranty; it's been a commitment we've kept for over 75 years. Here's our complete warranty guide.

Are there options to add a shade to my skylight?

Yes, our skylights are designed to have a stylish shade fitted to them. We offer two types of shades:  light filtering, and Venetian. Each style of shade comes with its own unique selection of color and patterns for you to choose from.