From decorative diffusers that will add the perfect finishing touch, to a powered daylight controller to manage the amount of sunlight that enters a room, VELUX® has all the accessories needed to complete your VELUX® SUN TUNNEL®. Add on any VELUX® SUN TUNNEL® accessory today and enjoy the natural daylight brightening up your room.

Solar Night Light

When the sun goes down, let a moon-like glow light your way. Designed to discreetly fit inside your VELUX® Rigid SUN TUNNEL® Skylight, the VELUX® Solar Night Light provides your space with a soft, soothing light from above when natural light isn't available.

*VELUX® Solar Night Light is not available for VELUX® Flexible SUN TUNNEL® Skylights.

Decorative diffuser

Transform SUN TUNNEL® Skylight to match your interior décor. Select from a range of micro- engineered decorative diffusers to increase interior aesthetics and visual appeal.
Sun Tunnel Diffusers

VELUX® SUN TUNNEL® Accessories