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VELUX Lookbook

Whether you are halfway through your project or just getting started, the Lookbook can help inspire you on the best way to get a bright, airy and healthy home. Our Lookbook is designed to show you how much daylight a skylight will bring to your beautiful renovation or newly built home. There is also product information including model types and sizes

Consumer Brochure

Our Consumer Brochure allows you to quickly browse our broad product range and to see the size options available. 

3 reason to replace a sun tunnel

3 Reasons to add a Sun Tunnel when you replace your roof

Adding a Sun Tunnel when you reroof is quick and easy, it just makes sense!  This brochure will explain why it is the perfect time to brighten those dark corners and interior rooms.  

Top 3 reasons to replace

If that old skylight is leaking or simply looking its age, consider a replacement skylight from VELUX. This brochure will overview all the reasons why this is a great idea.

Why are blinds important?

Owning a skylight doesn't end with a window on your roof. Check out the multitude of options available to simplify and enhance your new skylight.