Benefits of Modular

The modular advantage

The Modular Skylights delivers all of the benefits of modularity to rooflights and glazing before, during and after specification. The Modular Skylights system is 100% prefabricated, allowing complete control in every aspect of production
by building the skylights in our factory. From glass quality to motor power and speed, Modular Skylights are designed to work as a single system from the moment they’re made.

Intelligent design

Complement your designs with a stunning skylight system

Intelligent Design. A walk through by Mike Holland, Foster & Partners

Chain activators

INTEGRA® Control Pad


Modular Skylights takes the guesswork out of specifying skylight solutions, allowing you to bring your vision to life without having to compromise on quality.

The Modular Principle. A walk through by Stephan Verkuijlen, Foster & Partners

A unique bracket system

A unique bracket system with a simple clamp design guarantees a predictable installation process; this makes it possible to fit an entire module within minutes. Protecting the structure from the elements and enabling a more comfortable building process.

Prefabrication for perfect quality control

External weather condition testing

Tried and tested

Rain & wind testing

Fire Testing

UV Testing

Material performance