VELUX curved glass rooflight


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The VELUX curved glass rooflight has a unique curved glass surface that lets in more daylight and stands out externally as a modern addition to roof surfaces – ideal for design-conscious homeowners.

Choose between the VELUX INTEGRA® electrically-vented version (CVP) for comfortable, automated ventilation and daylight control or  a fixed glass option (CFP).


  • Glass-to-edge curve shape that allows raindrops to easily run off
  • Insulating PVC frame and two-layer low-energy pane for optimal energy efficiency
  • Compatible with a discreet heat protection awning blind for ideal indoor temperature
  • Suitable for 0-15 pitched roofs
  • 3-layer glass construction ensures optimal energy performance.
  • Available in 8 sizes


The VELUX curved glass rooflight features CurveTech, an innovative curve-shaped glass top that lets rainwater easily drain off the surface – even on 0° pitched roofs. That means daylight is able to shine through without raindrops getting in the way.

Détails du produit

  • 1


    Our innovative curve-shaped glass that lets rainwater easily drain off, ensuring a clearer view to the sky and more daylight influx – even when installed in a 0° roof pitch.
  • 2
    Insulated PVC frame and two-layer pane

    Insulated PVC frame and two-layer pane

    An ideal combination of insulating PVC frame and double-glazed, low-energy inner pane ensures heat doesn’t escape through the window, so your ideal indoor climate is maintained.
  • 3
    Maintenance-free design

    Maintenance-free design

    The curved glass shape provides natural drainage of rainwater so no need to regularly clean the surface. Toughened glass makes it virtually impervious to damage from the elements. Maintenance free PVC material used on the interior frame is easy to clean.

  • 4
    Electrically-operated window

    Electric ventilation

    Fully programmable control pad offers remote control operation  of out-of-reach rooflights. Practical pre-fitted rain sensor closes the rooflight automatically in the event of rain.

  • 5
    Blinds and heat protection

    Blinds and heat protection

    Complete your VELUX curved glass rooflight with a blind that provides the perfect amount of light for your space – from daylight dimming to soft lighting. On hot summer days, keep the indoor temperature pleasant with the heat protection awning blind, which reduces heat by up to 76%.


  • Internal finish

    Maintenance-free PVC

    Practical seamless design and use of PVC material helps keep the internal finish clean.
  • External finish

    External finish

    Curved glass top unit with edge-to-edge glass and aluminium profiles.
  • Glazing performance

    73 vitre

    Vitrage à deux couches à faible consommation d'énergie avec vitre intérieure laminée et vitre extérieure trempée de 4 mm avec isolation thermique..

  • Operation

    ventilation électrique

    Choisissez une unité de base à ventilation électrique avec VELUX INTEGRA® pavé de commande intelligent avec fonctions programmables pour un meilleur confort intérieur.


    Unité de base fixe avec une construction de châssis en PVC à haute isolation avec une vitre énergétique à deux couches. Idéal pour faire entrer la lumière du jour sans ajouter de ventilation supplémentaire

For professionals

Are you an installer, architect or a dealer – follow the below links to find more information about installation, drawings and technical details. If you are looking more tools and information - go to the professional section to find even more such as installation videos, architect cases, CE marking, how to become a VELUX certified installer

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