Follow the guidelines

7 steps to consistent VELUX communication

It is very easy to go astray with online marketing. The internet offers so many possibilities and without guidance, the end result can be quite random.

This section will help you avoid the most common pitfalls regarding VELUX communication in the context of your business. By following these 7 steps, you will not only help us protect the integrity of the VELUX brand, but also be able to benefit from the superior sales potential of a strong brand.

1. Protect the VELUX brand on your website

Your website must always retain its own, unique style and character. Any VELUX communication must be treated as a separate, distinguishable element, based on the approved VELUX design guidelines.

Your website must never adopt essential VELUX design properties and treat them as part of your own company design.


2. Use the VELUX logo correctly

The VELUX logo is a unique and fixed branding element. The logo consists of white text on a red background with a registered trademark symbol. In black/white media the text may be used on a black background. Always use an original VELUX logo files for reproduction. Ask your local sales company for download options.

You must never alter the dimensions, crop the logo, shift colour or make any other kind of modification to the logo.

Neither must our logo be used together with competitor brands or as an indicator for VELUX compatible products.

3. Beware of the VELUX colour palette

Your website must retain your company’s unique colour palette. We always support the use of original VELUX photo material to follow our products.

Please do not adopt the VELUX colour palette into the overall design of your website, as this might lead users to think the site is associated to the VELUX Group.

4. Use photos, videos and illustrations

Go to VELUX Weshare Circle to download approved, original photos, videos and illustrations. All material is arranged in packages and linked to available VELUX products and solutions. We strongly recommend that you use this service, however employing original material is not a prerequisite.

Due to quality and copyright issues, you must never copy photos or illustrations directly from any VELUX website and use them for promotional purposes.

5. Control your wording

When you buy VELUX® roof windows...

We love VELUX products

The VELUX name must be treated as an adjective, meaning it may never stand alone. Always use our brand name with a descriptor, i.e. VELUX roof windows, VELUX product or the VELUX Group.

Accessories must be referred to as “roof window products”.

Notice, the VELUX name is a capital letter word and must be followed by a ® the first time, it is mentioned in the text.



We love VELUX

Do not write the VELUX name in small letters or surrounded by quotation marks. Do not use it without a descriptor.

6. Manage your online marketing

Running an efficient marketing effort on the internet requires solid experience with the most advanced tools in the area. If you know your way around Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing and promotion via social networking sites such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, you should be on top of the online marketing game.

However, when the effort involves a global label like the VELUX trademark, managing your marketing activities becomes a lot more complicated.

The essential rules

To summarize the essentials, you may only use the VELUX trademark, when your marketing is directly related to original VELUX products or products compatible with VELUX roof windows. The VELUX trademark must not be used to generate traffic to pages, which promote competitors non-compatible products.

This section describes the rules in detail that you must abide as a VELUX dealer. If you are selling compatible and non-compatible products, please use the integrated links to learn more about limitations and restrictions.

Throughout this guide, you will find that we refer to compatible and non-compatible products. These products are competitor products to the VELUX products and are defined as follows:

A compatible product is a product, which is compatible with a VELUX roof window.

A non-compatible product is a product, which cannot match and is not compatible with a VELUX roof window.

7. VELUX trademark

Choose a unique brand name or a trademark that makes your business stand out among your competitors and perhaps even convey your strong selling points as a dealer.

It is strictly forbidden for any dealer, VELUX dealer or other, to register rights to the VELUX trademark or any other trademark of the VELUX Group in any form. The prohibition includes: 

  1. Trademark registration, incorporating trademarks that are registered by the VELUX Group. 
  2. Registration of company names, incorporating trademarks that are registered by the VELUX Group, e.g. VELUX Dealer Ltd. or VELUX Gardinen GmbH.
  3. Registration of domains and email addresses, incorporating trademarks that are registered by the VELUX Group, e.g., or

As a general rule, you must not use what is regarded as the intellectual property of the VELUX Group, without seeking written permission from the VELUX Group to do so.

Any violation of these guidelines may trigger a written warning from the legal department of the VELUX Group. If you do not comply within two weeks, the VELUX Group is liable to terminate the relationship without further notice.