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Kitchen ideas - The recipe for a great kitchen

The recipe for a great kitchen!

Two skylights placed high in the ceiling fill the kitchen with daylight and open up the space. Not only do they provide optimum lighting for cooking, they also funnel steam, smoke and cooking odors out of your home. These out-of-reach skylights can be opened and closed with a handy control pad.

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Kitchen ideas - Wine and dine

Wine and dine

You've built yourself a beautiful space for creating great cuisine and for entertaining guests. Why not add the finishing touch of three glorious "Fresh Air" skylights to the mix? Placed high above, VELUX skylights not only refresh stale kitchen air, they also add an incomparable element of design.

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Kitchen ideas - Bringing light to life 

Bringing light to life 

Daylight is what makes the world function... so why not bring it into your home as much as possible? With VELUX skylights, you can infuse the rejuvenating aspects of the sun into your family's life, keeping them happy and healthy.

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Kitchen ideas - Your window on the world

Your window on the world

Because of their angle, skylights let in more light than traditional roof dormers. Here, a group of three VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights brighten up the kitchen, making the room feel more spacious.​

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Kitchen ideas - Entertaining the possibilities

Entertaining the possibilities

Kitchens can be havens for nasty cooking oders. With the inclusion of "Fresh Air" skylights, all those undesirable smells can be quickly ushered into the outdoors, leaving your kitchen (and the rest of your home) smelling the way it should.

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Kitchen ideas - A healthier indoor climate 

A healthier indoor climate

A group of VELUX "Fresh Air" skylights placed high up in the ceiling provides excellent, even lighting for the entire kitchen. And when it comes to ventilation, nothing beats the venting properties of an open skylight, which can be opened and closed with our touchscreen control pad.​

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Kitchen ideas - A brighter everyday life

A brighter everyday life

Placed high up in the ceiling, the VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight provides abundant, even daylight to the entire kitchen. Whenever possible, we recommend placing skylights above the working and dining areas to ensure the best possible light and ventilation where it is needed the most.​

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Kitchen ideas - Introducing style and color

Introducing style and color

Integrating VELUX skylights is all you have to do to brighten your kitchen and enhance the color scheme. Use the natural light of the sun to bring a new awareness of color into your home and then decorate with all the style you can imagine.

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Kitchen ideas - Innovative solutions for flat roofs 

Innovative solutions for flat roofs

Homes with flat roofs are often dark in the center and therefore skylights designed for flat roofs are the perfect way to bring in natural light and open up the room. Here, two VELUX fixed skylights have turned this central kitchen into a bright, inviting space for family meals and for entertaining friends.​