VELUX curved glass skylight

The VELUX curved glass rooflight has a unique curved glass surface that lets in more daylight and stands out externally as a modern addition to roof surfaces – ideal for design-conscious homeowners. 


  • Curve-shaped edge-to-edge glass that allows raindrops to easily roll off
  • Insulating PVC frame and two-layer low-energy pane for optimal energy efficiency
  • Discreet heat protection awning shade for ideal indoor temperature
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The NEW Generation Curved Glass Skylight

The new generation VELUX curved glass skylight is a revolution in flat roof skylight design. The unique curved-shaped glass top allows rainwater to easily drain off the surface - even on 0° roof pitches. The slim frame and invisible sash provide maximum daylight and a beautiful design from inside the home.

Product details

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    Our innovative curve-shaped glass that lets rainwater easily drain off, ensuring a clearer view to the sky and more daylight influx – even when installed in a 0° roof pitch.
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    Insulated PVC frame and two-layer pane

    Insulated PVC frame and two-layer pane

    An ideal combination of insulating PVC frame and double-paned, low-energy inner glass ensures heat doesn’t escape through the window, so your ideal indoor climate is maintained.
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    Maintenance-free design

    Maintenance-free design

    The curved glass shape provides natural drainage of rainwater – no need to regularly clean the surface – while toughened glass makes it virtually impervious to damage from the elements. Practical PVC material used on the interior frame is a snap to clean.
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    Shades and heat protection

    Shades and heat protection

    Complete your VELUX curved glass rooflight with a shade that provides the perfect amount of light for your space – from daylight dimming to soft lighting. On hot summer days, keep the indoor temperature pleasant with the heat protection awning shade, which reduces heat by up to 76%.


  • Internal finish

    Maintenance-free PVC

    Practical seamless design and use of PVC material helps keeps the internal finish clean.
  • External finish

    External finish

    Curved glass top unit with edge-to-edge glass and aluminium profiles.

  • Glazing performance

    73 pane

    Two-layer, low-energy pane with laminated internal pane and a 4mm toughened outer pane with heat insulation.

  • Operation


    Fixed base unit with a high insulated PVC sash construction with a two-layer energy pane. Ideal for bringing in daylight without adding extra ventilation

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