Increase sales

Strong brand communication delivers real results

Several studies show that a strong, consistent communication strategy can be decisive in terms of defending your position in the market and attracting new customers. When we all follow in the same track – use the same layout, employ the same photos and highlight the same messages – the customer eventually identifies the brand as a mature and trustworthy partner.

On the right, we have gathered a list of findings that support the notion that strong branding leads to strong revenues.

  • 1. The enterprise has more leverage than the product 

    A recent survey* on people’s willingness to buy or endorse something shows that companies get recommended 10-12% more than their actual products. This indicates that marketing communication should place the company’s brand values and design strategy ahead of the product category.

    * Source: The Sustainability Imperative, Nielsen Report, 2015

  • 2. Reputation increases potential sale

    A recent survey* on the relationship between a company’s reputation based on four parameters – esteem, trust, feeling and admiration – and its potential sale shows that the potential almost doubles, when the reputation score improves from 70 to 80.

    * Source: Reputation Institute annual survey across 15 countries, 2015

  • 3. Sustainability increases brand value

    New report* states that brands, which support sustainability, has experienced a 4% growth in sales compared to only 1% for the remaining market. 66% of the consumers say they are willing to pay more for brands that are committed to sustainability.

    * Source: The Sustainability Imperative, Nielsen Report, 2015

  • 4. Brand reputation makes a company more resilient

    Following the financial crises in '08, global companies are still struggling to keep their value due to low profits and slow sales. However, companies that have managed to improve or maintain a high reputation among consumers have been rewarded by investors and are now experiencing an increase in value in an almost stagnant market.*

    * Source: Reputation Institute annual survey across 15 countries, 2015

Our experience is that brands whose purpose and products respond to that demand – sustainable living brands – are delivering stronger and faster growth.

These brands accounted for half the company’s growth in 2014 and grew at twice the rate of the rest of the business.

Paul Polman, CEO Unilever 2015

And then what really matters: natural daylight, fresh air and free energy

While we read the numbers and count our profits, it is important to remember where all this value comes from. The VELUX world is based on a few simple, but highly important home benefits. Choosing a VELUX solution will make the home brighter and more comfortable, as well as healthier and more energy efficient. It will replace artificial lighting with natural daylight and introduce fresh, clean air to every room in the house. It will offer free solar heating in the cold season and natural cooling in the warm. And it will improve the entire building’s energy profile, thanks to advanced ThermoThechnology™ and high-insulation panes.