Skylight Replacement

Upgrading old skylights to new and innovative VELUX skylights can make a major impact on a home’s energy efficiency and appearance. With VELUX Certified Installers, replacement projects are quick and easy, often completed in just a few hours. Get started today.

Upgrade to the latest skylight innovation with VELUX

Upgrade to the latest skylight innovation at VELUX

Improved energy efficiency

When it comes to insulation, an old skylight – even in good condition – is no match for a modern VELUX replacement featuring dual-paneled glass.

More daylight and fresh air

New VELUX skylights include solar-powered options that are remote controlled with shades that can be adjusted with the tap of a touchscreen.

Industry leading warranty

Our 10-year product and installation warranty means you can get fresh air and natural light with peace of mind knowing that we stand behind our work.

Skylights for every need

For decades, the VELUX Group has been a leader in skylight manufacturing and innovation. Our wide range of products includes design solutions for your replacement needs.

Re-roofing? Now's the time to upgrade your skylights

Save time and money

If you currently have old skylights, they may be affected during roof work, potentially leading to costly problems later. Upgrade during a re-roofing project, and you'll get the latest VELUX skylight functionality and avoid additional project costs in the future.

Synchronize your warranties

If you're replacing your roof, you can sync your 20-year VELUX product warranty with a 20-year warranty on a new roof for optimum peace of mind.

Skylight Transformation Stories

Replacing your old bubble skylight

This mid-80s, two-story home came with an old plastic bubble skylight in the master bathroom, but it had seen better days. The bubble skylight was heavily discolored, and based on the amount of dried caulking on its frame, it had been repaired in the past.

Ready to upgrade your skylight with VELUX?


VELUX products include a wide variety of options to replace old skylights and old Sun Tunnel® skylights. From solar-powered skylights to flexible Sun Tunnel® skylights and roof windows, each option is designed to be weathertight with a range of modern features and benefits.

Most Asked Questions

  • How do I know when it's time to replace my old dome/bubble skylight?
    It’s easy to replace an old bubble skylight with a new VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight. Signs that it’s time to make the switch include discoloration from sunlight exposure, mildew stains from moisture buildup, leaks or condensation around the panes. Our Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight provides a significant upgrade by providing a clear sky view, more natural light and energy-efficient glass, as well as being able to open to bring in fresh air, an alternative to air conditioning during the fall and spring.
  • Can you replace the glass in a VELUX skylight?
    Replacement glass is available for most VELUX skylight models. For fresh air skylights manufactured after April 1996, the whole operating sash must be replaced with the glass. Contact our customer service team to get help with your replacement glass order.
  • How do I measure my existing skylight for replacement?
    Your installer will measure the skylight to determine the replacement size you need. However, if you plan to take on the task yourself, here are the measurements you need to record:

    • Measure the width and the length along the side of the skylight on the roof where the shingles meet the flashing.
    • Measure the height of the skylight or the curb.
    • Inside your home, measure the width and length of the drywall around a skylight’s opening closest to the skylight.

    Consider taking pictures of your tape measure showing the lengths, widths and heights while you’re measuring. Share them with your contractor or roofer to verify the accuracy of your measurements.
  • How often should skylights be replaced?
    VELUX skylights can last 20 to 30 years, with normal wear and tear from years exposed to the elements on the roof. You don’t have to wait for an issue to arise if your skylight is this old. It’s best to update it after about 30 years because the newest models will offer innovations and ensure your skylight remains code-compliant. Schedule a consultation with a VELUX daylight designer to learn more about replacing your home’s skylights.

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