Control your home with Schedule and Automations

Studies behind the air that we breathe

At VELUX we work every day to ensure a better indoor climate and more daylight. We know that breathing poor indoor air can have negative health effects. As we spend most of our time indoors, 55% of the total intake of our food, water and air during a lifetime consists of indoor air from our home, we therefore naturally breathe in air that comes from an indoor environment (Sundell, 2004b).

To put it into perspective, we consume 15 kg of air per day, while most people consume 2kg of water and food per day (Nilsson, 2008). That is a lot of air, we need to make sure is as healthy as possible every day. As a lot of us a currently working from home, we need to ensure our indoor climate reflects a healthy environment for us and the people we live with.


VELUX ACTIVE will help maintain a healthy indoor climate

With VELUX ACTIVE with Netatmo you can ensure you maintain a good indoor climate through the day and night. With your sensors, you can let your VELUX ACTIVE operate your VELUX products when your Co2, temperature, and humidity are either too high or too low. We call this Climate automation.

But in May 2021, we introduced the Schedule and Automation feature to our VELUX ACTIVE app. This feature allows you to create daily schedules that fit your routines.

Schedule and Automation

The scheduling function authorizes you to create a customized schedule for each of your rooms. For every room you can create, edit, enable, disable, and delete automations. This allows you to adapt the operation of your VELUX products to your homes’ and your personal schedule.

The difference between Schedule control and Climate automation is that with schedule control you set the requirements. With climate automation, your VELUX ACTIVE sensors operate your products when needed, to maintain a healthy indoor climate. Your scheduled control will always overrule climate control through, and manual operation will overrule your scheduled control. In this way you always keep full control of your products.