Get Started

Install your VELUX Touch in a few simple steps.

Installation and setup

To set up your new VELUX Touch to control your existing VELUX products, you have to follow a simple process.
For each of the below steps, detailed instructions can be unfolded by tapping the arrow to the right.
Turn on your VELUX Touch (remove the red battery pull tab)
Select your region to set the operating frequency (Europe or North America)
Select your existing control type to copy products from (a QR code will link to detailed instructions depending on your selected control type)
Copy/add products to your VELUX Touch, and verify that all products have been copied
Start using your VELUX Touch (or add more products from other controls)
You have now completed the setup, and you can start using your control pad.

Icons overview

If you are uncertain about the meaning of the icons used on your new VELUX Touch, all icons are all explained here